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Fire risk assessment

Fire safety strategy must be underpinned by a detailed assessment of the risk in each property.

Knowing who to trust to carry out 'suitable and sufficient' fire risk assessment can be a challenge, but nulogic has carried out more than 30,000 fire risk assessments in social housing and has a detailed understanding of the issues you face with your stock.

More importantly, we share your objectives: life safety, organisational compliance and asset protection.


Fire risk management software

Carrying out reliable fire risk assessments is essential, but improvements in safety only come from following through on an action plan to implement the recommended measures.

Managing the data generated by fire risk assessment is a significant undertaking, but nulogic's unique software application maximises the value of your assessment data. An action plan can be generated in just a few minutes and can automatically assign actions to action owners based on your organisation's rules.

What could take weeks as a manual task transferring actions from assessment reports to an Excel spreadsheet can be completed in minutes using atk, the intelligent application of IT to fire safety.


Northern Housing Fire Framework

We are pleased to announce that nulogic fire is an approved contractor on the Northern Housing Consortium Fire Safety Framework for both fire risk assessment (FRA) and fire safety training.
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At nulogic fire we have a commitment to customer satisfaction and continual business improvement derived from the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS). Our quality system is designed specifically to meet the needs of the fire safety industry, such needs having been agreed in consultation with insurers, fire and rescue services, building control, installers, trade associations and professional institutions.

nulogic fire is third party accredited to NSI Gold which includes the following recognised standards. Gold which includes

Easy to do business with

We will always follow your preferred procurement process, but you can save a great deal of time and money with straightforward procurement through the Fusion 21 Facilities Maintenance framework. nulogic is an approved contractor for fire risk assessment.
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Always competent

Our Technical Director Andy Cloke has just been awarded FRACS Accreditation.

Andy has an amazing career in Fire safety and is extremely well decorated with career awards for his hard work and technical ability, however to enhance the service we offer to clients Andy has undertaken a rigorous technical assessment which has concluded in him being awarded the accreditation status and now sits on the Register of Accredited Assessors.

We at nulogic are not only proud of Andy and his achievement but are delighted to offer his enhanced experience to all our clients to better their ability to remain compliant.

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nulogic fire is an ISO9001:2015 accredited company. To request a copy of our quality manual, please email the quality management team at